Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory - Information



The Coastal and Harbor Engineering Laboratory provides the experimental facilities both for education and research. The laboratory has a covered area of 3000 m2 and an open area of 1000 m2. 


It possesses facilities for model studies on various coastal problems with regular and irregular waves. In the laboratory there are two model basins and two wave flumes for 2D and 3D model experiments for wave agitation in harbors and stability of coastal structures. The Wave Flume 1 is 6.2 m wide,  22.8m. long and 45cm. deep. The basins are 33.1m. long, 19.5m. wide, 45cm. deep (Basin 1), and 22.60m long, 16.10m wide and 45cm. deep (Basin 2). In addition, there is equipment and a 7 m boat for field measurements, and scuba diving equipment, underwater camera, underwater video camera for investigations.