Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory - Ongoing Research


Wave Hydrodynamics: Basic problems related to wave motion, wave forces, wave-structure interference.


Wind Waves: Studies on wave climate, wave forecasting, wave statistics, wave spectrum, wave measurements. 


Coastal Hydraulics: Measuring and mathematical modeling of sea currents, tide, winddrifted currents and wave hydrodynamics, changes, in water level, layered flow. 


Coastal Sedimentation: Longshore Transport of bed material, variations in sea bed and shoreline, preventing sedimentation at harbor entrances and river outlets, dredging. 


Coastal Pollution: Diffusion and dispersion of pollutants in seas, mathematical modelling and planning of ocean outfall structures for polluted water, water intake structures. 


Coastal and Harbor Structures: Rubble-mound breakwater, floating breakwaters, guays and wharves, structures on piles, off-shore structures, underwater pipelines, significant wave and current forces, research and planning of behavior of structures, earthquake effects. 


Harbor Engineering: Harbor planning, economic studies, simulation, feasibility studies, operational planning of harbors, oscillations and currents within harbors, harbor pollution, ship berthing loads. 


Field Measurements: Wave, wind, current, tidal wave, beach topography measurements. 


Dive Inspection: Investigation by diving and documentation by underwater video camera and camera of the coastal and harbor structures and submarine pipelines. 


Assessment of marine hazards:  Resilience against hazards, sea level rise, storm and storm surge, cost-effective solutions, warning systems.



Research Project


Approximately 100 applied projects were initiated so far by Coastal and Harbour Division of  METU Civil Engineering Department 8 of them are International Projects( funded by Europian Union, European Council or Joint Research Projects)


Towards Coast to Coast Networks of Marine Protected Areas Coupled with Sea-Based Wind Energy Potential – CoCoNET: FP7 Funded Project (Ongoing)


Risk and Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise and Tsunami of Selected Low Lying Coastal Areas in the Maltese Islands and Turkey joint project with Malta, (Ongoing )


TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) funded project:  Vulnerabılıty Analysıs Of Coasts Agaınst Clımate Change Supported Wıth A Sedıment Model (Completed)


Historical Earthquakes and Associated Tsunamis in Mediterranean Sea project for Tohoku University  in Japan.(Completed)


Assessment of  Historical, Cultural and Coastal Scenic Values of Turgutreis ( Bodrum-Turkey) project for  Middle East Technical University (METU) (Completed)


UTM Malaysia and DID Malaysia, UNESCO(IOC),FEMA and ,University of Southern California (USA),Tohoku Univ.Coastal Eng. Lab( JAPAN) in the near future  (Completed)


Adaptive Management Strategies for Climate Change & Global Warming at  Selected Coastal Areas in Turkey for   Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) British Government (Completed)


TRANSFER, Tsunami Risk and Strategies for European Region for European Union (Completed)


SEAHELLARC Earthquake and Tsunami Study for Western Hellenic Arc forEuropean Union (Completed)


Software development and installation for Malaysia Tsunami Warning System for Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia, Astronautic Teknology Srl Malaysia (Completed)