Anabilim Dalı Asistan Alımı (I06) Sınav Konuları

Anabilim dalı icin yapilacak asistan alımı sınavına aşağıdaki konular dahildir:

1. Mathematics for Engineers (ES202) : Matrices, systems of linear equations, linear transformations, change of basis, eigenvalue problems, quadratic forms and diagonalization. Vector calculus, line, surface, and volume integrals. Gradient, divergence, curl. Green, Gauss and Stokes theorems.

2. Uncertainty and Data Analysis (CE204): Descriptive statistics, histograms, central tendency, dispersion and correlation measures. Basic probability concepts, random variables, probability density and mass function. Regression analysis.

3. Numerical Methods for Engineers (CE305): Numerical solution of linear and nonlinear systems of equations. Interpolating polynomials. Numerical differentiation and integration. Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations

4. Engineering Mechanics (CE 221): Rigid body mechanics. Equivalent force systems: Concepts of moment, couple, resultant. Equilibrium: Free-body diagram; equations of equilibrium. Properties of surfaces: Area moment and centroid; moments and product of inertia; principal directions.

5. Mechanics of Materials (CE224): Simple stress and strain. Equilibrium, compatibility and constitutive relations. State of stress and state of strain.

6. Fluid Mechanics (CE272): Hydrostatics, Integral equations: conservation of mass, momentum and energy. Pipe flow: pipeline systems and networks.

7. Soil Mechanics (CE363): Basic characteristics of soils, classification and compaction of soils. Principle of effective stress. Permeability and flow of water (seepage) in soils. Shear strength of soils. Lateral earth pressure theories. Consolidation theory.

8. Engineering Economics (CE231) : Effective and nominal interest, compound interest, methods of comparison of alternatives by using present worth, annual equivalent and rate of return techniques, depreciation and replacement analysis, economic life problems, cost-benefit analysis, break-even analysis, payback period.

9. Construction Materials (CE241): Mechanical properties of materials. Elastic, plastic and viscoelastic material behaviour.

10. Transportation Engineering (CE353): Road-vehicle performance, stopping and passing sight distance, horizontal and vertical curves, earthwork, traffic stream flow variables and modelling, signalized intersections.