Ground Improvement Course Technical Trip

Our department’s CE464 Ground Improvement course students went to a technical trip to İstanbul on 22nd October 2016 with 37 participants including Dr. Nejan Huvaj and research assistants Emir Ahmet Oguz, Berkan Soylemez and Yagizer Yalcin. Firstly, application of deep mixing ground improvement method is observed at the construction site for the connection roads of the 3rd airport in Kemerburgaz. Second site was in Piyalepasa, where a diaphragm wall using hydrofraise is being constructed for the deep excavation right next to a historical mosque and tomb. Both sites were operated by Iksa Engineering company. The trip also included a short visit to the southern campus of Bogazici University and a breakfast at Yıldız Technical University Hisar facility in the morning. We thank to Iksa Engineering Company (Mr. Kemal Acar and Mr. Osman Aydogdu) for the information they provided and for their hospitality and to METU Faculty of Engineering for the funding for travel.