METU Civil Engineering Students ranked the 3rd in ASCE Geoprediction 2017 competition

The team composed of METU Civil Engineering undergraduate student Celal Emre Uyeturk and graduate student Emir Ahmet Oguz ranked the 3rd in Geoprediction 2017 geotechnical student competition organized by American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) GeoInstitute.


METU students successfully passed the preliminary evaluations and were invited to make an oral presentation at the Annual GeoInstitute congress (http://geotechnicalfrontiers.com/) on 12-15 March 2017, in Orlando, Florida. Based on the oral presentations, in the final rankings, METU team ranked the 3rd in the Geoprediction 2017 (1st rank: Oregon State Univ. and 2nd rank: Univ. of Texas at Arlington).


The subject of the Geoprediction 2017 student competition was to accurately predict the time-settlement behavior and lateral deformations at given points, in a bridge embankment next to a river. Prefabricated vertical drains were installed in the soft soils to speed up the consolidation process and a geosynthetic was placed underneath the embankment. The student team, whose academic advisor was Dr. Nejan Huvaj, used Rocscience Settle3D and Plaxis 2D softwares for their calculations. Competition guideline document can be downloaded here.


We congratulate Emre and Emir for their success.