Mustafa Akgül Has Passed Away

Bilkent University Computer Technology and Information System faculty member Associate Professor Mustafa Akgül has passed away. Graduated from METU Civil Engineering in 1970 and graduated from METU Mathematics in 1974, he completed his PhD about Combinatorics and Optimization in the Waterloo University (Canada) in 1981. Mustafa Akgül introduced the Tex and Latex softwares and helped the improvement of the Internet in Turkey. In addition to being the chairman of Turkey Informatics Association and Linux Users Association, he was also one of the members of the Internet Board, Kamunet Technical Board, TOBB Sector Board. Moreover, he had great contributions to the topic of optimisation. As Metu Civil Engineering Department, our condolences go to his family, friends and academical community of Turkey which he made great contributions to.