Success of Our Student in TUBİTAK Competition

Our student Tunç Alp Bilgel and Mechanical Engineering Department students Uğurcan Kartal and Anıl Güneş took the first place in the TÜBİTAK 2238 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition. We congratulate our students and wish them success in their future studies.

Below you can find explanations of team members about their project;

In our project titled "3 Wings", we aimed to improve the life quality by cleaning the air we inhale everyday. At the same time, our project employs the generation of clean energy from the wind turbines designed by our team. We developed a 3-stage filtration stage to provide the clean air. We plan to power the designed filtration system by using our novel vertical wind turbine for which we continue the research and development activities.

We believe that the design and analysis of this project can positively impact the life quality of millions. We continue our hard work towards the objective of transforming our design into an end product.

Our journey has started with the success we got (second position) from Hult Prize at METU. Then, our project has selected between 100.000 projects at the Dubai regional finals and we have got the chance to represent our school.

Later on, with our project, we won the first place in the design project category at the METU Engineering Day and represented civil engineering department with success.

We applied to Tubitak 2238 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition (key sectors category) held in 2018. After winning the chance to present our project at the Samsun Regional Exhibition held on October 8-11, 2018, we became the first in the category we competed in and won the right to participate in the finals. Then we were awarded 1st place in the final exhibition of the University Project Competitions 2018 held in Ankara on 12-15 November 2018.

In these achievements, we would like to thank İsmail AYDIN for her consultancy and efforts which made a butterfly effect for us.

While we were dreaming of this project, we have progressed with what we have learned from our departments, and we would like to thank all our teachers who have never retired from us.