"The English Exam, which is planned to be made online on September 02, 2020, will not be open to students who are planning to apply to graduate programs at METU.

However, only for the Fall Term 2020-2021 graduate program applications, for METU students who graduated from METU on or after January 2017, No English proficiency test document will be required during the graduate program applications, our students will be deemed to have met the language proficiency requirement.

The table at http://oidb.metu.edu.tr/tr/odtu-tarafindan-kabul-edilen-ingilizce-yeterlilik-sinavlari-es-degerlik-tablosu, shows acceptance of other language proficiency exam result documents."

Please wait a little bit, for some clarification and information in the graduate program application online system, since the current online system may require English language document from you, Deadline for application to graduate programs is 18 September 2020.

Questions about online application system to graduate programs should be directed to Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences (Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü): http://fbe.metu.edu.tr/

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Full announcement document can be downloaded from here.

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