A new international project is funded by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) https://www.raeng.org.uk/ as a multi-disciplinary seed funding project to help build collaborative partnerships. The project is proposed mainly by participants of the Frontiers of Development workshop on the theme of "Disaster Resilience", organized by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering on 2-4 March 2020 in Istanbul.

Project name: NET: New technologies and participatory approaches for disaster resilience

Funding Agency: UK Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) https://www.raeng.org.uk/

Project Objective: Risk communication and citizen engagement is central to management and mitigation of natural hazards and to strengthen community resilience to disasters. With the present project, a multidisciplinary and diverse team will work closely to develop the concept and trial application of citizen-science in relation to disasters by collecting data through social media and other communication channels. Data obtained will be processed in terms of monitoring of changes and damage and vulnerability assessments in a pilot study area in Turkey. This approach consists of engaging communities to take part in those assessments through reporting and learning from the results.

Project Coordinator: Dr. Irene Manzella, University of Plymouth, UK (https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/staff/irene-manzella)

METU Participants: Dr. Nejan Huvaj (METU Civil Engineering Department, METU Local Coordinator), Dr. Meltem Şenol Balaban (METU City and Regional Planning Department)

Project Duration: 10 months (1 July 2020 - 30 April 2021)


• Irene Manzella, University of Plymouth

• Nejan Huvaj, Middle East Technical University

• Meltem Şenol Balaban, Middle East Technical University

• Derya Deniz, Ozyegin University

• Emin Yahya Menteşe, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

• Canay Doğulu, TED University

• Hwa Kian Chai, University of Edinburgh

• Joana Fonseca, University of London

• John Douglas, University of Strathclyde

• Michael Humann, University of Liverpool

• Zara Abbey, Snoocode

Total Budget: 19,896 GBP

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10/11/2020 - 23:33