A new international project is funded by UK Newton Fund. Information about the project is given below.

Project title: Shallow Landslide Susceptibility Mapping In Rize, Turkey

Funding mechanism: Newton Fund - Royal Academy of Engineering – TUBITAK : Transforming System through Partnership grant scheme (https://www.raeng.org.uk/global/international-partnerships/engineering-x...)

Run by the Royal Academy of Engineering, supported by the Newton Fund and delivered in partnership with innovation agencies in seven countries, the Transforming Systems through Partnership (formerly known as the Industry-Academia Partnerships (IAPP)) programme 

Project duration: June 2020 - June 2022 (24 months)

Project Coordinator: Nejan HUVAJ, METU Civil Engineering Department


- METU Civil Engineering Department: Project coordinator: Dr. Nejan Huvaj, researcher: Dr. Kartal Toker,

- Durham University, Project coordinator: Dr. Ashraf Osman, researchers: Prof. David Toll, Dr. Marti Lloret-Cabot

- Toker A.Ş. (industry partner, Turkey)

Total budget: 80.000 GBP (METU's budget 40.000 GBP)

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