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General Information About Summer Practice

1. Online Application

Those who couldn’t make online application should get in contact with Summer Practice Office, before completing this form

2. Summer Practice Approval Form

Information in this form is written to the online application form by students.

Original copy of this form which is signed by company after summer practice is delivered to Summer Practice Office.

3. Recognizance for Health Care Service

Recognizance for those who take health care service through own family

Recognizance for those who do not take health care service through own family

4. You can obtain ‘insurance declaration’ from Summer Practice Office, 2 days before starting the summer practice.

Insurance declaration should be delivered to the company that you do summer practice.

5. The prepared document for ‘Doing summer practice is obligatory’ (If necessary, you can obtain this form from Summer Practice Office, K1-209)

How should I prepare my summer practice report?

Summary Form

How should I use summer practice summary form?

The prepared document for ‘Doing summer practice is obligatory’ (English/Turkish)

The form required for staying in the dormitory

(You can obtain these documents from Summer Practice Office)

1. Application form signed and sealed by the company

2. Survey Form for Supervisor (This form will be filled by person/company which is responsible from intern.)

3. Please submit your summer practice report with the first page of Summer Practice Guide (information of student and internship) to Summer Practice Office and add course of faculty member who will evaluate your report.

4. 2nd or 3rd page of summer practice guideline, that was evaluated by the supervisor, should be delivered as signed and in a sealed closed envelope by hand or mail to Summer Practice Office.

Second copy of this will be stayed in the company. 

Summer Practice Guide (You can obtain from K1 - 209 Summer Practice Office or you can download from here)

Places for Summer Practice


Tel : 0 312 210 74 10

email :