Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory - Ongoing Research

Solution of sheet pile walls and seepage problems by finite element method; rheological solution of consolidation problem; dynamic slope stability; dynamic compaction. Adaptation of the wedge shear test for the measurement of the shear strength of compacted granular soils. Foundation design in difficult soil conditions, in-situ testing of soils, dynamic slope stability correlation between soil parameters. Use of fly ash in geotechnical applications. 

• Measurement of shear strength of unsaturated fissured clays 

• Measurement of shear strength of gravels and crushed rock 

• Embankment dams 

• Stability of slopes 

Expansive Soil Behaviour:

• Swell amount and swell pressures 

• Suction methods 

• Lateral swell behavior 

• Soil Stabilization

Ground Improvement Techniques: 

• Stone columns, stress concantration and settlement improvement factors 

• Preloading with vertical drains 

In-Situ Testing of Soils: 

• CPT versus soil compressibility 

Pile Foundations: 

• Shaft capacity of driven and bored piles 

Unsaturated Soils:

• Rainfall triggered landslides   

• Triaxial testing of unsaturated soils

• Modeling unsaturated soil strength

• Soil-water characteristic curves 

• High-capacity tensiometers

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering: 

• Liquefaction of sandy and silty soils. 

• Assessment of liquefaction behavior of sandy and silty soils under triaxial and simple shear testing conditions, extension to the field behavior. 

• Dynamic earth pressures on model walls under harmonic excitations 

• Behavior of earth and rock fill dams under earthquake motions 

• Stabilization of slopes by passive piles 

• Swelling of clayey soils 

• Use of fly ash for soil stabilization 

• Effect of surface and subsurface topography on earthquake ground motion parameters. 

• Field investigation methods and their implications. 

Funded Research Topics:

- Development of a more efficient retaining system for small-area deep excavations, BAP, ended in March 2012.

- Developent of high-capacity tensiometer and measurement of soil suction, BAP, ends in January 2013.

- Modeling and mechanism of rainfall induced landslides, TUBİTAK 1001, ends in March 2013.