Graduate Programs

M.S. in Civil Engineering

CE 500 M.S. Thesis NC 

CE 520 Graduate Seminar (0-2)NC 
7 elective courses 

Total minimum credit: 21 
Number of courses with credit (min): 7 


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering


CE 600 Ph.D. Dissertation NC 

7 elective courses 

Total minimum credit: 21 
Number of courses with credit (min): 7 




CE 500 M.S. Thesis NC

CE 520 Graduate Seminar (0-2)NC
CE 600 Ph.D. Dissertation NC
CE 7XX Special Topics in Civil Engineering (3-0)3
CE 8XX Special Studies (4-2)NC
CE 9XX Advanced Studies (4-0)NC

CE 509 Space Geodesy I 
CE 510 Space Geodesy I I 
CE 511 Photogrammetry And Airphoto Interpretation 
CE 512 Engineering Seismology 
CE 515 Adjustment Of Observations 
CE 517 Admixtures For Concrete 
CE 521 Experimental Methods In Engineering 
CE 522 Nonlinear Procedures In Finite Element Analysis 
CE 523 Theory Of Plates 
CE 524 Theory Of Shells 
CE 526 Finite Element Method 
CE 527 Theory Of Elasticity 
CE 528 Structural Stability 
CE 530 Modelling In Hydrology 
CE 533 Hydraulic System Design 

CE 534 Fluid Transients In Closed Conduits 

CE 535 Water Resources System Engineering
CE 538 Advanced Water Distribution Networks 
CE 539 Advanced Mechanics of Fluid
CE 541 Durability Of Building Materials 
CE 544 Advanced Concrete Technology 
CE 552 Pavement Design 
CE 555 Traffic Engineering I 
CE 556 Traffic Engineering I I 
CE 559 Finite Element Applications In Geotechnical Engineering 
CE 560 Geotechnical Investigations 
CE 561 Environmental Geotechnics 
CE 562 Applications Of Geosynthetics 
CE 563 Advanced Soil Mechanics I 
CE 564 Advanced Soil Mechanics I I 
CE 565 Soil Behavior 
CE 566 Measurement Of Soil Properties 
CE 567 Stochastic Techniques In Geotechnical Engineering 
CE 568 Soil Dynamics 
CE 569 Deep Excavations And Retaining Structures 
CE 570 Advanced Mechanics Of Fluids 

CE 571 Hydropower Engineering
CE 573 Fundamentals Of River Engineering 
CE 575 Sediment Transport I 
CE 576 Sediment Transport I I 
CE 577 Diffusion And Dispersion In Water Flows 
CE 578 Porous Media Flow 
CE 580 Computational Fluid Dynamics 
CE 581 Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Members And Structures 
CE 585 Advanced Steel Design 
CE 586 Earthquake Engineering 
CE 587 Structural Optimization 
CE 589 Structural Reliability 
CE 590 Bridge Hydraulics 
CE 591 Wave Hydrodynamics 
CE 593 Statistical Analysis In Coastal Engineering 
CE 594 Modeling Of Coastal Engineering Problems 
CE 595 Coastal Sedimentation 
CE 596 Coastal Pollution 
CE 598 Coastal And Harbour Structures Design 
CE 599 Groundwater Hydraulics 
CE 703 Special Topics In Construction Risk Management 
CE 714 Materials Testing And Measurements 
CE 721 Numerical Modeling In Geomechanics 
CE 726 Special Topics In Strategic Management Of Construction Companies 
CE 728 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering 
CE 729 Analysis Of Composite Laminates 
CE 733 Special Topics In IT In Construction 
CE 735 Engineering Decision And Risk Analysis 
CE 736 Special Topics In Construction Project Manangement 
CE 738 Special Topics In Construction Productivity Measurement And Improvement 
CE 740 Special Topics In Data Collection, Analysis And Modeling In Construction Industry 
CE 741 Seismic Hazard Assessment 
CE 742 Structural Health Monitoring 
CE 743 Condition And Vulnerability Assessment Of Buildings 
CE 767 Highway And Railroad Infrastructures 
CE 785 Advanced Highway Materials And Characterization 
CE 792 Dam Instrumentation And Safety 
CE 793 Seismic Base Isolation 
CE 794 Soil Plasticity And Applications 
CE 7004 Mechanics Of Partially Saturated Soils