Information for Prospective Students

Since its establishment, Middle East Technical University Civil Engineering Department (METU-CE) has been the leading institution in the reshaping of the modern Turkey by providing engineers and researchers of high quality and capability to the construction sector and to the academia. As the frontiers of civil engineering shift, METU origined civil engineers are the ones having the central positions in the sector both at national and international level.




As for the research facilities, having the largest laboratory facility of Turkey equipped and renewed with the latest technological developments, METU-CE serves not only for the researchers of advanced studies but also for the private sector creating a mutual interaction environment between science and industry. With its privileged faculty staff, modern research facilities and highly qualified students, METU-CE department is in the service of civilization.




Faculty are the most important factor that makes METU the best engineering school and METU-CE the number one civil engineering department. Faculty are commited to train the students to have theoretical background in basic sciences and engineering and to be equipped with necessary technical skills so that they can develop solutions to Civil Engineering problems and enhance their computing, communication, and research skills. The faculty of METU-CE have known to be the authorities in the civil engineering related fields in the nationwide participating and holding permenant positions as fellows and directors of technical organizations and socities.




The depertment serves for the brilliant national and international students in both undergraduate and graduate level.  Upon graduating, almost 50% of the graduates choose the way of further studies in the well established universities of Turkey and the world. Remaining half brings new breath to the growing construction sector working on both in homeland and abroad.




The department extending over 7 buildings is among the leading departments in campus with more than 12000 m2 of research and instruction space.  METU-CE has 7 laboratories that facilitate the experiments on the contemporary civil engineering research areas. Moreover, besides the researches, control and evaluation tests of construction materials, structural members, soils are conducted for the private sector, being impartial, reliable and well-regulated institution.




METU-CE has wide range of research areas under the headings of 9 divisions as structural mechanics, construction materials, transportation, water resources, hydromechanics, coastal and harbour, construction management, geotechnics and geodesy-photogrammetry. The major research topics under study may be broadly categorized as follows:


- Basic problems related to wave hydrodynamics, wave structure interference, wind waves

- Studies on coastal hydraulics, sedimentation, pollution, coastal and harbor structures

- Planning, scheduling and progress control of construction operations, economic decision analysis in construction, project management, technology-construction relations, legal aspects of construction works

- The improvement of the properties of conventional materials and development of new materials and test techniques

- Foundation design in difficult soil conditions, in-situ testing of the soils, dynamic slope stability, correlation between soil parameters ,use of fly ash in geotechnical applications,

- Local scour around bridge piers, discharge measurement structures in natural stream

- Strength and behavior of frames strengthened with reinforced concrete infill walls under simulated earthquake loading (Experimental and Analytical)

- Behavior of repaired or strengthened reinforced concrete columns under simulated earthquake loading (Experimental and Analytical)

- Nonlinear analysis of planar frames under static and dynamic loads (Analytical)

- Studies on space geodesy and celestial mechanics, geodynamics and space geodesy

- The applications of Geographic Information Systems(GIS)  and Remote Sensing(RS) technology

- Investigation of different modes of transportation and transportation materialsPlanning and feasibility studies  for river basin development, design, construction and operation of water resources systems, well hydraulics and ground water management


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