Personal Information

Name, Surname: Hediye Tüydeş Yaman
Rank: Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Status: Full Time
Building / Room: K1 / 249
Phone: 90 (312) 210 7471
Fax: 90 (312) 210 5401
E-mail: htuydes {at} metu.edu.tr
Webpage: https://staffroster.metu.edu.tr/my_staff_roster.php?ssn=MTM3NzQw
Research Interests: Intelligent Transportation Systems,Smart Cities and Mobility ,High Speed Rail (HSR) Transportation,Network Traffic Modeling and Optimization,Traffic Safety and Accident Investigation,Transport Emissions,Introduction to Civil Engineering
Offered Courses: CE102 - Introduction To Civil Engineering
CE353 - Principles Of Transportation&Traffic E
CE407 - Special Studies In Transportation Systems And Modes
CE452 - Traffic Safety &Accident Investigation
CE453 - Transportation Systems And Modes
CE555 - Traffic Engineering I
CE556 - Traffic Engineering II
CE557 - Airport Planning And Design
CE7017 - Network Traffic Modeling