Course Code: 5620465
METU Credit (Theoretical-Laboratory hours/week): 3(2-2)
ECTS Credit: 5.0
Language of Instruction: English
Level of Study: Undergraduate
Course Coordinator: Prof.Dr. TÜRKER MİRATA
Offered Semester: Fall or Spring Semesters.
Prerequisite: Set 1: 5620363
The course set above should be completed before taking CE465 EARTH STRUCTURES .

Course Objective

The objectives of this course are to familiarize the students with the basic types of embankment dams, with special emphasis on the methods of stability analysis, and the estimation of the pore pressures under the different conditions of the dam such as during and immediately after the completion of construction, during steady seapage, and during rapid drawdown

Course Content

Highway and railway fills, earth dams. General principles of design, the choice of the type of dam. The circular arc method of stability analysis; the prediction of pore pressures during construction, steady seepage and rapid drawdown. Special methods of analysis for rock fill dams. Design in earthquake areas.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course unit, the student is expected to be able to read and understand any book or article on the wide subject of the design and constuction of embankment dams; be able to choose the cross-section appropiate to the site in question; to be able to detemine the relevant soil properties, and carry out the necessary stability analyses for the safety of the dam; and to be able to choose details of the cross-section that will enhance safety in earthquake regions.