RE/TE Placement Announcement

There has been a change in the selection and placement of 4th year elective courses. Students will no longer apply for courses over internet, but they are to communicate with the instructor of the course. New workflow is briefly as follows:
You can view your past curriculum and find out which courses you can apply at http://civil.ce.metu.edu.tr/utilities/#/elective
•  If there is an error in your curriculum on this page, you can contact cesao@metu.edu.tr and request a correction.
•  You will see the elective courses which you are eligible to apply. To apply for these courses, you need to contact the instructor of the course.
•  If your instructor accepts your application, you will be able to add the course in add-drop period. You can view if you are accepted for a course or not on the same page.
The applications for elective courses will begin on February 14, 2017 and they will be open until February 24, 2017.
Plase visit the URL given above and check your curriculum status as soon as possible. If you encounter any missing or wrong data, please contact with Student Affairs Office of Civil Engineering Department either in person or via cesao@metu.edu.tr
Note 1: If you receive an error like "{status: false, content: 'notCEMember'}" when you try to access the given URL, plase contact METU Computer Center via hotline@metu.edu.tr and request your "BELUGA user group to be corrected as Civil Engineering". This problem is frequently encountered by those who changed their departments or make double major.
Note 2: We suggest you to use the latest version of Google Chrome to make sure that the given URL works as expected.
Note 3: If you encounter a different type of error, please report it to ceitech@metu.edu.tr (with a screenshot, if possible)
Note 4: If the URL above does not navigate you to the relevant page, you can go to http://civil.ce.metu.edu.tr/utilities and click "RE/TE Status Check" to get to the same page.