Prof. Dr. Burcu Altan Sakarya

Research Interests: Fluid Mechanics, Closed Conduit and Open-Channel Flows, Optimization of Hydrosystems


Prof. Dr. İsmail Aydın

Research Interests: Hydraulic Modeling, Turbulence Modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Shallow Flow Solvers, Flow Measuring Structures, Hydraulic Gates, Air-Water Interaction in Hydraulic Structures, Dam Reservoir Response to Earthquakes


Prof. Dr. Mete Köken

Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence Modelling, Fluvial Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structures


Prof. Dr. Mustafa Göğüş

Research Interests: Hydro-transport of solid particles through pipeline systems, Reservoir sedimentation, Local scour around hydraulic structures, Design of flow measurement structures, Aeration of hydraulic structures, Model studies of hydraulic structures


Prof. Dr. Zafer Bozkuş

Research Interests: Fluid Transients in Pipe Systems, Waterhammer Problem and Protection Measures in Hydropower Plants, Local Scour around Inclined Bridge Piers, Hydraulic Modelling of Flood Waves Induced by Dam Failures, Dam-Breach Mechanisms, Energy Dissipation over Hydraulic Structures


Asst. Prof. Dr. Elif Oğuz

Research Interests: Offshore Wind Energy, Hydrodynamic Performance of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines and Marine Renewables, Energy Efficiency of Ships, Computational and Experimental Hydrodynamics, Wave Attenuation, Wave Kinematics