Name, Surname: Cüneyt Baykal
Rank: Asst. Prof. Dr.
Status: Full Time
Building / Room: K5 / 106
Phone: 90 (312) 210 5435
E-mail: cbaykal {at}
Research Interests: Coastal sediment transport, shoreline and beach evolution,Wave-structure-sea bottom interactions (hydrodynamics and morphodynamics),Computational fluid dynamics and turbulence modeling,Wind wave generation and transformation,Design of coastal structures
Offered Courses: CE204 - Uncertainty And Data Analysis
CE272 - Fluid Mechanics
CE372 - Hydromechanics
CE374 - Fluid Mechanics
CE593 - Statistical Analysis In Coastal Eng.
CE7023 - Coastal and Harbour Structures Design 2

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05/10/2021 - 13:54