Follow the ANNOUNCEMENTS for document due dates and other up-to-date information.


The step-by-step procedure that our students who will do their internship during the summer term should follow is given below.

First of all, you need to find a suitable place with at least one civil engineer to do your summer practice.

CE 300 is the construction site internship (20 working days) and, CE 400 can be done as a site or office (project) summer practice (30 working days).


1. Summer Practice Approval Form

• Company information will be entered in this form.
• The information here will be used during the Online Application.
• After the internship, the original signed and stamped form prepared by the company is delivered to the Summer Practice office during the registration period.          

2. Online Application

• It must be ensured whether the application is approved or not.
• You can complete your online application process 15 days before starting your summer practice (in special cases, you can contact the Summer Practice office).

3. Insurance Statement and Commitment

• The appropriate form below will be filled in and submitted to the Summer Practice office before starting the internship.

Insurance statement: You can access your 4A job entry and exit declaration via e-government 2-3 days before your summer practice starts.


5. When you start your summer practice

• How to prepare a summer practice report? (Summer practice guide)
• Summary forms and the summer practice report must be submitted at the beginning of the semester. (Follow announcements)

4. Before starting your summer practice

• If the company where you will do your summer practice requires the " Summer internship is mandatory " document, you can download it from these links. (Turkish - English)
•You must put your photo on the first three pages of the summer practice guide and fill in your information. The first page will be added to the front page of your report.
• One of the 2nd and 3rd pages of the summer practice guide will remain in the institution where you are doing your internship, and the other will be delivered to the office numbered K1-209 in a closed, signed, and stamped envelope.
• Survey Form (Turkish - English) (to be filled in by the person/company responsible for the intern). It will be hand-delivered at the beginning of the semester.


The English copies will be filled in by our students who will be doing summer practice abroad.

Summer practice reports submitted without completed and signed summary forms for each day of the summer practice will not be accepted.

The internship of students who cannot add 2 (two) semesters of summer practice courses to their registrations after the summer internship will be deemed invalid. This rule also applies to students who are on probation.



Attention to our students who receive a salary from the company where they do their summer practice:

(Students who will intern in public institutions will not fill out the form below)

(If the company requests a contribution, you can take the following actions.)

Required Documents:

1-The company where you will do your internship can write a letter like the one below.

This student…at this workplace…was paid this much. This number of people work in this workplace.

2- It is expected that the "Unemployment Fund Contribution Form" located on the web address will be filled out completely.

Fill out this form on a computer (do not scan) and send it to

Bring this signed and stamped form at the beginning of the semester. Moreover; Please bring your salary receipt along with two other documents.



Belgin Turan

Office: K1-209

Phone : 0 312 210 74 10

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