How to take non-technical (NTE) and free elective (FE) courses?

Free Elective Courses = At least three (3) credit courses from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year courses of our University Departments can be taken with the approval of the related Faculty Member, the related Department and the advisor.
Non-technical Courses = The courses listed in the official web page of Dean of Engineering Faculty ( ) can be taken.


What is the condition to be 4th year student?

It is necessary to take the 4th year courses at the end of 3rd year that undergraduate students of our department should complete all of the 2nd year courses and 5 number of courses from the 3rd year, 4 of which are in the group of   “CE305, CE353, CE366, CE372, CE382 and CE383”.

If a 4th year student does not satisfy these conditions, in order to complete 3 courses as a minimum course load 1 or 2 TE courses can be enrolled with the permission of the Head of Department considering GPA of the student.

Students can take 1 or 2 technical elective (TE) courses from other Departments of the Faculty of Engineering by the approval of the Head of Department. 


How to take Ce410 and Restricted Elective courses ?

Students should complete all 1st and 2nd year courses, and at least 4 number of courses from the 3rd year containing CE305, CE353, CE366, CE372, CE382, CE383 in order to take CE410 and RE courses from the 4th year courses.


What are the technical elective courses, and How to take?

TE courses can be taken according to the lists announced by the Department. In special cases, one of TE courses can be taken from other Departments of the Faculty of Engineering as to be at least 3rd year and 3 credit course with the advisor approval and a petition to the Head of Department.