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You can click here to see what our logo means in Turkish.

It is seen that some symbols are included in the new logo created by the department chair.

1. The red and white colors of the METU emblem are used in the logo.

2. 9 red stars in the emblem symbolize OUR BRANCHES. These are,

a. Construction management

b. Construction materials

c. Geomatics

d. Geotechnical

e. Coastal and Ocean

f. Hydromechanics

g. Water resources

h. Structural engineering

I. Transportation.

3. The silvery stars among the red stars symbolize our PRINCIPLES AND IDEALS:

a. To train well-equipped, learning and questioning engineers at world standards

b. Integrity and Ethics

c. Diligence and Productivity

d. Innovation, Research & Development, Creative Thinking

e. Leadership

f. Teamwork, international studies

g. Sustainability

h. Service to the community

I. Communication with the sector, cooperation and technical contribution to practice

4. The round shaped emblem symbolizes the world.

5. The small arrows below and on the sides of the emblem spread all over the world in north, south, east and west directions, explaining the work, international standards and collaborations for different types of buildings in all areas of civil engineering, in every geography.

6. These signs also simulate both the main elements consisting of stone-concrete at the top, water and underground resources at the bottom, natural materials and wood on the right, earth and steel on the left, and symbolize the material classes used in our field. In its evolving new form, the gray, brown, blue and green colors in the circle are respectively reinforced concrete and steel structures, ground-soil (tunnels, underground structures, etc.), water (coastal structures, sea, rivers, groundwater, lakes, snow, rain, hydromechanics. etc.), innovative, environmentally friendly, alternative materials (wood, carbon fiber, masonry, cave etc.)

7. These signs also indicate structural elements such as buildings, bridges, dams, pipes, piles, tunnels. The analogy of the "world" in circular form also evokes our transportation and water branch, such as roads circling the world, water pipes in an endless loop, train sleepers, etc.

8. The outer shell in the form of a wheel that forms the emblem symbolizes work and diligence, engineering mind, labor, the construction sector, which is the economic engine of our country, and the power to work with engineers.

9. "HELMET" in the middle of the emblem is the symbol of Civil Engineers.

10. The letters C and E in the middle are the abbreviation for Civil Engineering and also symbolize female and male Civil Engineers; side-by-side employees show business friendship and cooperation. At the same time, with the CE and METU inscriptions under the hat and the curved METU emblem structures on the back, it resembles a human face under the helmet, emphasizing the relationship of Civil Engineering with human and civilization.

11. The METU emblem, faint in the background, shows that the Civil Engineering Department is an integral part of METU.