Program Content

  • 1 MUST COURSE (CE518)

How to register and highlights?

  • Rules and regulations
  • CE518 is ONLY offered in the Fall Semester. It contains research methods and ethics related topics. It is recommended to NOT to leave this course to the fourth semester.
  • Graduate Seminar Course: CE520 “Graduate Seminar” course must be taken during the course taking period. The course requires giving a seminar on the literature survey of the thesis study and/or modeling works of it. Therefore, it is recommended to take the course after the advisor assignment stage.
  • Courses having credits, CE518 and CE520 courses need to be added and succeded in the first four semesters.
  • A student needs to register for the Thesis Courses (CE500+CE8XX) each semester until his/her graduation after the thesis advisor is assigned. 

Registration Example: M.Sc. Program Explanations

Thesis Exam: (The student who will take the Thesis Exam must fill the Thesis Jury Assignment Form on the dates specified in the Regulations (provided that one of the 5 main and 2 spare pages is a faculty member from another university). In addition to the form, the Transcript, Curriculum, Spiraled Thesis Draft, Originality Report must be submitted.


Program Content

  • Preliminary Exam (Within the scope of CE600 course, the exam can be taken at most 2 times)
  • Application and Regulations of Ph.D. Preliminary Exam
  • 1 MUST COURSE (CE518) (This course is only offered in FALL semesters. Students who take this course in the Master's Program will be exempt from this course, but instead of this course, they will take another course for 3 credits)
  • THESIS COURSES (CE600+CE9XX) (Starting from the first semester, each semester must be registered.)
  • Ph.D. Qualifying Exam (When the courses are over, the student needs to enter the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam in the 5th term at the latest, and the exam can be taken at most 2 times.)

Registration Example: Ph.D. Program Explanations

Procedures to be Followed After Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

About CE620 and CE600:


  • Students accepted to a doctoral program with an undergraduate degree must complete courses within 6 semesters, and these students must take the CE620 course, too.
  • Students accepted to a doctoral program with a Master’s degree must complete courses within 4 semesters.


  • Students registered to a doctoral program must take a preliminary exam within the scope of the CE600 course in the first semester.
  • The preliminary exam is held during the weeks 11–14 in the semester.
  • If a student fails the preliminary exam once, he/she must take the exam again within the following semester. This exam is going to be held during the weeks 11–14 in the abovementioned semester.

Thesis Monitoring Committee

  • Students who defended their thesis proposal in front of the TAC Committee must repeat this phase every successive 6 months (June or December) for improvements and changes in the thesis. Moreover, the students must inform the department about this meeting by means of official records. Grading of CE600 is completed by the department on the basis of these official reports.

Thesis Defence

  • Once the thesis has been completed in accordance with the principles indicated in the METU Thesis Manual, the Thesis Jury Assignment Form in METU-FBE (FBE: Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences) webpage (provided that 3 of the permanent members must be TAC members and 1 of the associate members must be a full-time faculty member at a university other than METU) (Co-advisor cannot be a member of the jury) must be filled together with the Advisor. The form and thesis must be submitted to the department student affairs office at least 30 days before the jury date. The completed thesis format of which has been investigated by FBE must be copied and distributed to each member of the jury at least 30 days before.

  • Starting from 1 January 2023, Ph.D. students will need to submit at least one (SCI, SCIE) journal article (with their Ph.D. advisor, from their Ph.D. studies) to be able to go to Thesis Defense Jury.