Name, Surname: Aslı Akçamete Güngör
Rank: Asst. Prof. Dr.
Status: Full Time
Building / Room: K1 / 244
Phone: 90 (312) 210 5402
Fax: 90 (312) 210 5401
E-mail: akcamete {at}
Research Interests: Building Information Modeling (BIM), BIM for Supporting Construction and Facilities Management,Information Technologies for Construction and Facilities Management (Sensing Technologies, Laser Scanning, Wearable Sensors),Automated Progress Monitoring using Robots, Computer Vision, and Sensing,Capability and Maturity Models for BIM,BIM based Energy Analysis and Optimization
Offered Courses: CE332 - Construction Engineering &Management
CE434 - Construction Planning
CE4002 - Building Information Modeling And Its Applications In Construction
CE520 - Graduate Seminar
CE600 - Ph.D. Thesis

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03/12/2019 - 18:12