Name, Surname: Ahmet Türer
Rank: Prof. Dr.
Status: Full Time
Building / Room: K7 / 108
Phone: 90 (312) 210 5419
Fax: 90 (312) 210 7991
E-mail: aturer {at}
Research Interests: Structural Health Monitoring and Applications,Historic structures, structural evaluation and strengthening,Forensic studies, root cause determination ,Bridges,Steel structures,Fire related damage and strengthening,Storage tank, solar power plant, hidroelectric power plant, wind energy plant, marine structures, pipe structural damage, finite element modeling
Offered Courses: CE221 - Engineering Mechanics I
CE222 - Engineering Mechanics II
CE224 - Mechanics Of Materials
CE383 - Structural Analysis
CE388 - Fundamentals Of Steel Design
CE423 - Advanced Mechanics Of Materials
CE742 - Structural Health Monitoring
CE4008 - Design of Timber Structures
CE5802 - Structural Health Monitoring

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03/12/2019 - 18:12