Project name: Floating Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Türkiye

Funding Agency: TÜBİTAK-British Council (UK) Bilateral Cooperation Program (Newton Fund Institutional Links)

Project Objective:

Türkiye has the highest rate of growing energy demand among the 37 OECD countries. Despite a growing economy and population, Türkiye still sources over 90% of its energy from fossil fuels, most of which are imported. Türkiye does have the potential for the implementation of a large number of renewable energy sources.

This research aims to develop novel design concepts for hybrid floating platform that combines wind and solar energy. These novel hybrid platforms optimize power production at a single location and reduce the cost through shared transmission and supporting structures. Floating platforms are connected to seabed by mooring lines and anchors in seabed that allow limited movement in the platforms. Design of seabed anchors depend on many factors.

The research activities are divided into three strands: (1) Determination of suitable locations for combined-hybrid floating wind and solar energy in Türkiye (considering both offshore waters and water bodies in mainland, such as lakes, dam reservoirs etc.), (2) analysis of seabed foundations/anchoring systems (3) Probabilistic design and optimisation of foundations/anchoring alternatives.

The project aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) (United Nations Sustainable Development – 17 Goals to Transform Our World):

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

GOAL 13: Climate Action

GOAL 17: Partnership for the Goals

Project Coordinators: Dr. Nejan HUVAJ (METU, TR), Dr. Ashraf Osman (Durham University, UK)

Project Duration: 24 months (March 2021 – March 2023)


• Nejan Huvaj, METU Civil Engineering Department, RÜZGEM-Center for Wind Energy

• Elif Oğuz, METU Civil Engineering Department, RÜZGEM-Center for Wind Energy

• Raşit Turan, METU Physics Department, GÜNAM-Center for Solar Energy

• Ashraf Osman, Durham University, Department of Engineering

• Mohammed Seaid, Durham University, Department of Engineering

Total Budget: 193005 GBP

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