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CE221 - Engineering Mechanics I
CE222 - Engineering Mechanics II
CE224 - Mechanics Of Materials
CE382 - Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals
CE383 - Structural Analysis
CE388 - Fundamentals Of Steel Design
CE4008 - Design of Timber Structures
CE418 - Design Of Tall Building Structures
CE423 - Advanced Mechanics Of Materials
CE425 - Introduction To Finite Elements
CE427 - Civil Engineering System Analysis
CE480 - Design&Construction Of Special Struc.
CE481 - Reinforced Concrete Structures
CE482 - Design Of Steel Structures
CE483 - Advanced Structural Analysis
CE484 - Prestressed Concrete
CE486 - Design Of Concrete Structures
CE488 - Computer Applications In Structural En
CE489 - Experi. Behaviour Of Concrete Struc.
CE490 - Introduction To Structural Earthquake Engineering
CE521 - Experimental Methods In Engineering
CE522 - Nonlinear Procedures In Finite Elem.An.
CE523 - Theory Of Plates
CE526 - Finite Element Method
CE527 - Theory Of Elasticity
CE528 - Structural Stability
CE529 - Structural Dynamics
CE5603 - Seismic Hazard Assessment
CE5801 - Condition And Vulnerability Assessment Of Buildings
CE5802 - Structural Health Monitoring
CE5803 - Seismic Base Isolation
CE5804 - Analysis And Design Of Structural Masonry
CE581 - Behavior Of Reinfor.Conc. Members&Stru
CE583 - Advanced Analysis Techniques In Structural Engineering
CE585 - Advanced Steel Design
CE586 - Earthquake Engineering
CE587 - Structural Optimization
CE589 - Structural Reliability
CE7010 - Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite Structures
CE7016 - Nonlinear Structural Analysis
CE712 - Structural Stability
CE716 - Prestressed Concrete Structures
CE727 - Elastic Stability
CE729 - Analysis Of Composite Laminates
CE735 - Engineering Decision And Risk Analysis
CE740 - Data Collection, Analysis And Modeling In Construction
CE741 - Seismic Hazard Assessment
CE742 - Structural Health Monitoring
CE743 - Condition And Vulnerability Assessment Of Building
CE759 - Special Topics In Perform. Based Design Of Rc Struct.
CE767 - Highway And Railroad Infrastructures