New Project from Prof.Dr. İsmail Özgur Yaman & Prof. DR Jamshid Esmaeili (University of Tabriz, Iran) & Dr. Burhan Alessa Alam

Project name: Textile Reinforced Cementitious Composites: Long Term Performance under Sustained Tensile Loading and Cyclic Environmental Conditions (TRCC-LTP)

Funding Institution: TÜBİTAK-MSRT (Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology) Bilateral Cooperation Program.


The goal of the project:

This project aims to propose textile sheets instead of FRP sheets for strengthening purposes. However, there is a need for understanding the long-term performance of textile reinforced cementitious composites (TRCC) under sustained loading and environmental conditions, such as temperature, simultaneous heating cooling cycles and wet/dry cycles. As for the textile material, two different types; AR-Glass (as a cost-effective material) and Carbon (as a high-performance material) will be utilized. Moreover, in the production of TRCC, it is well known that a ductile cement-based matrix is often used together with the textile reinforcement, which would help in uniformly distributing the tensile stresses on the textile material and enhances the strengthening system's performance. Therefore, within the scope of this project, six types of matrices will be utilized to understand the effects of fiber type on the properties of TRCCs. More importantly, the performance of TRCCs prepared by the novel Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) will also be undertaken in order to characterize the long-term performance of TRCC.


Project Coordinators: Prof.Dr. Ismail Ozgur Yaman (METU), Prof. DR Jamshid Esmaeili (University of Tabriz, Iran)

Project Duration: 18 months (October 2021 – March 2023)



Prof. Dr Ismail Ozgur YAMAN , METU Department of Civil Engineering

Prof. Dr Jamshid Esmaeili, Tabriz University, Iran, Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Burhan ALESSA ALAM, METU Department of Civil Engineering

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