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Teaching and research in the field of coastal and ocean engineering at Civil Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University (METU) have been started in 1964. Within the undergraduate program of Civil Engineering Department, "Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory" offers fundamental courses in this special field. For the graduate programs, courses offered are aimed at specialization leading to the degrees "Master of Science and "Doctor of Philosophy" in "Coastal and Ocean Engineering". Steady progress in the activities and ever increasing demand of state departments and private firms for applied research have led to be establishment of Coastal and Harbor Engineering Research Institute (KLARE) in 1977. The institute had changed the name to Ocean Engineering Research Center in 1994. Over the years Coastal and Ocean Engineering Laboratory of METU Civil Engineering Department gave more than 200 M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses.

The Laboratory has a covered area of 3000 m2 and an open area of 1000 m2 for education and research. It possesses appropriate facilities for model studies on various coastal problems with regular and irregular waves. In the laboratory, there are two model basins and two wave flumes for 2D and 3D model experiments for wave agitation in harbors, stability of coastal structures, and sedimentation problems. The Wave Flume 1, equipped with an irregular piston-type wave generator, is 6.2 m. wide, 22.3 m. long, and 0.7 m. deep. The Wave Flume 2, equipped with a flap-type regular wave generator, is 0.3 m. wide, 9.7 m. long, and 0.5 m deep. The basins are 33.1 m. long, 19.5 m. wide, 0.45 m. deep (Basin 1), and 26.6 m. long, 16.1 m. wide and 0.45 m. deep (Basin 2).

Major devices used in the laboratory: Wave basins and flumes in various dimensions equipped with regular/irregular wave generators, wave gauges, pressure transducers, acoustic Doppler velocimeter, laser meter, video cameras, in-house, open-source and commercial coastal and ocean engineering numerical modeling tools, high-performance computing resources.

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