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19/04/2022 - 14:43

· Wave Hydrodynamics: Basic problems related to wave motion, wave forces, wave-structure interference.

· Wind Waves: Studies on wave climate, wave forecasting, wave statistics, wave spectrum, wave measurements.

· Coastal Hydraulics: Measuring and mathematical modeling of sea currents, tide, wind drifted currents and wave hydrodynamics, water level variations, layered flow.

· Coastal Sedimentation: Longshore Transport of bed material, variations in sea bed and shoreline, preventing sedimentation at harbor entrances and river outlets, dredging.

· Coastal Pollution: Diffusion and dispersion of pollutants in seas, mathematical modelling and planning of ocean outfall structures for polluted water, water intake structures.

· Coastal and Harbor Structures: Rubble-mound breakwater, floating breakwaters, quays and wharves, structures on piles, off-shore structures, underwater pipelines, seismic design of coastal and ocean structures.

· Harbor Engineering: Harbor planning, economic studies, simulation, feasibility studies, operational planning of harbors, oscillations and currents within harbors, harbor pollution, ship berthing loads.

· Field Measurements: Wave, wind, current, tidal wave, beach topography measurements.

· Dive Inspection: Investigation by diving and documentation by underwater video camera and camera of the coastal and harbor structures and submarine pipelines.

· Assessment of marine hazards: Resilience against hazards, sea level rise, storm and storm surge, cost-effective solutions, warning systems.

· Coastal Zone Management: sustainable resource development and ecocoastal engineering; carrying capacity assessment; beach management; marine and coastal protected area management; vulnerability and risk assessment

· Marine Renewable Energy: offshore wind energy potential, wave energy potential, current energy, osmotic energy, site selection

· Tsunamis and tropical cyclones: modeling of tsunamis and tropical cyclones, hazard assessment, risk assessment, mitigation strategies