Principle Investigator (PI),


  • TUBITAK 2232, (2020-2023), "Climate Change Effects on Trophic Structure and Dynamics in Saline and Brackish Water Based on a Space-For-Time Field Sampling, Controlled Mesocosm Experiments, Paleoecology, Remote Sensing and Modelling (Clim-Saltlakes)" ,Co-PI: Dr. Zuhal Akyürek
  • TUBITAK 2544, (2019-2021), " Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Streamflow and Hydropower in Antalya, Turkey" ,Grant Number: 118Y365, PI: Dr. Elçin Kentel, Co-PI: Dr. İsmail Yücel
  • TUBITAK 1001, (2018-2021), "Evaluation of Integrated Atmospheric-Hydrologic Modeling System for Flood Events at Two Different Basins" Grant Number: 116Y193, PI: Dr. İsmail Yücel, Rs: Dr. M. Tuğrul Yılmaz
  • TUBITAK 1002, (2019-2020), "Analysis of the Variability of the Change in the Groundwater Mass over Euprates-Tigris Basin" ,Grant Number: 119Y101, PI: Dr. M. Tuğrul Yılmaz
  • TUBITAK 1002, (2019-2020), "Evaluation of Model-Based Short-Term Precipitation Forecast over Complex Topography" ,Grant Number: 119Y093, PI : Dr. M. Tuğrul Yılmaz
  • TUBITAK 1001, (2017-2020), "Estimation Of Homogeneous High-Resolution Radar Based Precipitation Map Improved Using Station Based Observations Over Turkey", Grant Number: 117Y118, PI: Dr. M. Tuğrul Yılmaz, Co-PI: Dr. İsmail Yücel
  • TUBITAK, (2016-2019), "Development of a geographical information systems based decision-making tool for water quality management of Ergene watershed using pollutant fingerprints", Grant Number: 115Y064, Co-PI: Dr. Elçin Kentel
  • TUBITAK 3501, (2015-2018), "Evaluation of soil moisture observations using hydrological model simulations and remote sensing-based retrievals observations", Grant Number: 114Y676, PI: Dr. M. Tuğrul Yılmaz
  • TUBITAK, (2017-2019), "Evaluation of Water-Energy-Food Nexus at Sakarya Basin", Grant Number: 116Y166, Co-PI: Dr. Elçin Kentel
  • TUBITAK 1003, (2016-2019), "Determination of hydrologic cycle parameters with a conceptual hydrologic model", Grant Number: 115Y041, PI: Dr. Zuhal Akyürek, Co-PIs: Dr. Elçin Kentel, Dr. Melih Yanmaz, Dr. İsmail Yücel, Dr. Nuri Merzi

EUMETSAT (European Organisation fort the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites)

  • EUMETSAT, (2017-2022), "Hydrological Satellite Application Facilities Project Continuous Development and Operation Phase 3", Local Coordinator: Dr. Zuhal Akyurek

Marie Curie FP7 Career Integration Grant

  • Marie Curie FP7 Career Integration Grant , (2014-2018), "Improving Predictions of Vegetation Condition by Optimally Merging Satellite Remote Sensing-based Soil Moisture Products", SOILMOISTURE, Grant Number: 630110, PI: Dr. M. Tuğrul Yılmaz


  • BAP, (2018-2019), "Comparison of Frequency Analysis with Density Based Clustering in Evaluating Extreme Streamflows", PI: Dr. Elçin Kentel