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19/04/2022 - 14:39

The fragmented, unique, and complex environment of the construction industry necessitates advanced management skills and techniques to enhance productivity, safety, quality and competitiveness in the industry. In order to respond to this need, the Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) Division of the Civil Engineering Department has been established in late 1960s and since then the program develops knowledge, tools, and methods that can add value to construction projects and organizations.

The CME Division is committed to providing high quality education that prepares students to become sought after construction management professionals and future industry leaders and innovators. Courses offered to students at a variety of levels and specializations with a multi-disciplinary approach. As part of the curriculum, the students acquire knowledge and skills to plan projects, estimate and control costs, analyze economic decisions, administer contracts, organize construction sites, manage construction process, increase productivity, optimize site activities and solve legal problems/disputes. In order to improve the success of the program, the Division has built strong ties with the local industry, which provides diversity to the curriculum as well as rewarding opportunities for collaborative research.

The CME Division conduct and encourage opportunities for research to develop advanced management technologies and approaches. The students are able to pursue their educational and research interests in various fields of construction engineering and management by being part of the Division's diverse research projects, the areas of which are listed below.