Last Updated:
19/04/2022 - 14:41

Current research in the materials of construction program centers on the development of structural and non-structural materials with an emphasis on:

  • cementitious binders;
  • utilization of wastes in cementitious systems for sustainable development;
  • alternative binders;
  • special concrete types such as roller compacted concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, self-consolidating concrete, etc;
  • durability of construction materials;
  • nondestructive testing of materials.

In addition to the experimental research, our division conducts research on the theoretical and computational mechanics of solid materials. In this direction, our current focus is on but not limited to the topics below:

  • computational modeling of thermal and shrinkage-induced cracking in concrete;
  • micro-macro modeling of rubbery, glassy, and electro-active polymers;
  • computational electrophysiology and electromechanics of the heart;
  • computational approaches to self-assembly in multi-phasic materials;
  • computational modeling of crystallization and rupture in elastomers;
  • computational modeling of frontal polymerization.