To the Attention of Students Who Will Do Their Summer Practice!

Place of Summer Practice Preference and Information

First of all, you need to find a suitable place which has at least one civil engineer to do your summer practice.

CE 300 is the construction site internship (20 working days) and, CE 400 can be done as a site or office (project) summer practice (30 working days).

If you work on Saturdays at the company office or construction site, Saturday will be counted as working days. However, places such as public institutions that do not work on Saturdays are excluded from this scope. The Saturday working situation must be signed in the daily summary form by the chief who is responsible for the intern.

Online Summer Practice Application

You can start the necessary procedures by taking the "Doing summer practice is obligatory" document (if the company requests) from K1-209 and by downloading the "Summer Practice Approval Form" from the website. If the company requests the "Doing summer practice is obligatory" document, you need to deliver the form to the company.

Information on the "Summer Practice Approval Form" is written by the student on the online application form. After the summer practice, the original signed form prepared by the company is submitted to the Summer Practice Office.

You can make the online login procedures 15 days before the summer practice starts. (You can get in contact with Summer Practice office in special cases.) (

You need to deliver the filled insurance declaration and commitment (in the form of take health care service through your own family/does not take health care service through your own family) to the Summer Practice Office. ( or

You can obtain the "insurance declaration" from Summer Practice Office 2 or 3 days before starting the summer practice. Insurance declaration should be delivered to the company that you do summer practice.

You can obtain the correspondences which you may need during the summer practice from Summer Practice Office. These documents are;

1- "Doing summer practice is obligatory" document for the place where you do summer practice.

2- "Doing summer practice is obligatory" document in English for the students who will do their summer practice abroad.

3-The form required for staying in the dormitory.

If necessary, you can obtain these documents from the K1-209, Summer Practise Office.

The Summer Practice Guide

You can print the summer practice guide from the website.

a-You need to paste your photo and fill your information on the first three pages of the guide. The first page will be added to the front of your report.

b-Students who do their summer practice abroad will fill the documents in English.

While bringing your Summer Practice Reports "at the beginning of the semester";

The summer practice reports will be delivered to the Summer Practice Office on the dates that will be announced in October (Add-Drop Week). You are required to prepare your reports on time. Otherwise, late submissions will not be accepted. If the report cannot be submitted, the summer practice will be considered unsuccessful.

Documents to be submitted to Summer Practice Office;

1-One of page 2 or page 3 of your summer practice guide will remain in the company. The other one will be delivered to the Summer Practice Office in a closed, signed, and sealed envelope by hand or by post.

2-The survey form filled out by the company. (

3-Summer Practice Approval Form

These documents must be submitted to K1 209, Summer Practice Office.

CE Summer Practice Office

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